Unbeatable Mind Podcast – How To Deal With Trauma with Dr. Don Wood

Unbeatable Mind is the genius of Commander Mark Divine – an ex Navy SEAL and founder of SEALFIT Coaching.

Mark spoke with Dr. Don Wood to understand how unresolved trauma affects the brain. Plus he learns about the mental and environmental conditions needed to overcome it.

Dr. Don Wood is the author of two books: You Must Be Out Of Your Mind: We All Need A Reboot; and Emotional Concussions. He also founded the Inspired Performance Institute, offering individual and group sessions to treat unresolved trauma.

The Bits Of The Conversation That We Found Most Interesting

9.24 Symptoms of trauma aren’t just caused by extreme life events. It can be caused by regular surges in adrenaline and cortisol. Being exposed to daily criticism, fear and reprimands can cause emotional concussion. The body responds to these in the same way that it responds to trauma.

17.30 Emotional trauma occurs when the memory of a traumatic event keeps looping. This brings a past event into the present moment. The brain is in a state of constant fight or flight. It’s never calm enough to process what’s happened.

35.25 Unresolved trauma creates inflammation in the body. This is to pause the body’s processes until the trauma passes. When this inflammation is ongoing, it can manifest in physical illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease.

How We’re Going To Apply What We’ve Learned

Research more into the connection between physical brain damage and recovery from trauma. To use this to raise awareness and understanding of PTSD.

Learn to manage our inner critic. Set-aside extra time each day to process daily events. This is important to reduce the potentially physically traumatic exposure to regular fear and stress.

Treat others with consistent compassion and encouragement. This is especially important with direct reports at work. To avoid creating daily stressors for others within our environment.

Our Summary

Dr. Don Wood’s discussion of trauma is truly enlightening. He uses a combination of scientific explanations with real-life case studies to explain how trauma can affect the brain’s processes. His treatment methodology is one that consider both the physical and emotional elements of trauma, to address both the root cause and the symptoms of the problem.

Dr. Wood makes a compelling argument that everybody can recover from trauma once their brain is in a healthy condition and it’s ability to process memories has been reconfigured. It’s an uplifting listen for anybody that’s either experiencing trauma themselves, or knows somebody who’s currently suffering.

Where To Listen

Visit Mark’s show page here. Or search Unbeatable Mind on Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast host.

Useful Links

Visit the Inspired Performance Institute website here. You’ll find a wealth of other podcasts, plus a series of testimonials of people that have personally freed themselves from trauma, using Dr. Wood’s methods.

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